internet voice over

Using internet voice over IP enables you to have an office extension at home with OfficeServ7000 systems.

internet_voice_overThe internet voice over ip technologies gives you effectively free communications all over the world.  However, you need to appreciate that VoIP over a company’s LAN is significantly different to internet voice over –ip technology.  Currently BT are progressing their 21CN projects to upgrade the UK data network to provide SIP trunks to the public and business communities for transmission of multi-media services to everyone. 

At present there can be contention on internet voice over traffic with all of the other internet content which results in some voice communication being poor quality.  In Local Area Networks this does not happen due to the implementation of QOS in switches and routers.  When BT’s project has completed then internet voice over service will be really fit for purpose.

But don’t let that stop you from utilising internet voice over for having an SMT-i5230 in your study so you can communicate easily with the rest of your staff.  internet_voice_over.pdf

0800 652 8052 connects you to TelephoneSystemsDirect to learn more about internet voice over support.

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