internet voip phone

internet_voip_phoneAn internet voip phone is an oxymoron! Really the internet part of internet voip phone is superfluous.  It is put into the phrase to signify that the internet is used to transport the digitised speech.  It is truer to say that any data network can be utilised – an office LAN or the newest SIP networks.

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol – it is the standard for the carriage of voice-packets from end-to-end that prioritises them over the common-or-garden internet page information.  As you know, a conversation has to occur in real time – whereas the display of a website-page can be delayed by a few seconds without problem.

So your internet voip phone can be called an internet phone or a voip phone.

internet_voip_phone_-_phonapartAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we can help you choose your internet voip phone from a huge array of models from many manufacturers as diverse as Phoneapart and Samsung.

internet_voip_phone.pdf     internet_voip_phone_3100_series.pdf

Don’t purchase the first internet voip phone you see as there are (as they say) “horses for coursesâ€.  At home your internet voip phone could be as cheap as £15 with Phoneapart’s offerings – but in business you’d be better served with something like Samsung’s SMT-i3105.

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