ip office phones

The latest ip office phones come from Samsung.  The OfficeServ7000 range has just been enhanced by the introduction of the SMT-i5xxx series of ip office phones delivering IP to the desk.

These ip office phones introduce the use of SIP and VoIP technologies while the SMT-iW5120 lets any member of staff leave their base and still be connected through the wireless LAN.  ip_office_phones.pdf

Ifip_office_phones you need your directors and sales-force linking into the office system more effectively even when they’re travelling then MOBEX is the application for you. This solution is where any unanswered call at your permanent extension immediately rings your mobile and then you have full PABX facilities at your fingertips to transfer the caller elsewhere if that’s what’s needed.

At Telephone Systems Direct these ip office phones are delivered to you with the award winning OfficeServ’s at an incredible 25% off Samsung’s RRP.  How can we do it?  By preferential supplier’s pricing earned as a Platinum reseller together with the volume of sales we put to our Korean electronics supplier.

So you can benefit from ip office phones technology at prices you’ll find difficult to match.  To learn more about ip office phones from TelephoneSystemsDirect dial 0800 652 8052.

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