ip over phone voice

Ensuring that ip over phone voice communications is right for you requires frank speaking.    ip_over_phone_voice.pdf

Telephone Systems Direct is a company that will listen to your requirements on ip over phone voice comms and then ask you frankly, why?  We’ll make absolutely sure that your LAN can support ip over phone voice without any expensive upgrades by ensuring that you’ve already got Layer 3 or 4 switches and routers and have identified any potential bottlenecks that might occur if ip over phone voice signalling is introduced.

ip_over_phone_voiceOur technicians have been subjected to weeks of training on VoIP so that they’ll appreciate the problems they’ll come across and know how to deal with them.

One thing you need to understand about ip over phone voice is that data and voice contend with each other just like traffic on major roads.  In a closely controlled environment the flow is good (i.e. your network), but when it’s a free-for-all then snarl-ups happen now and again slowing all ip packets down.  This is what internet ip over phone voice can present to you.  Beware! 
However, the introduction of BT’s 21st Century Network is attempting to improve open ip over phone voice with the availability of SIP trunks.

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