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The best IP phone system for you will probably be an OfficeServ 7000 platform.

Why?  Because besides being an award winner (voted on by customers) it will provide the features and functionality YOU need.

Should Telephone Systems Direct be your supplier?  YES because we are “best of breedâ€.  Samsung say that by giving us their Platinum Partner accreditation year-after-year.  What does that mean?  Look at this link: http://www.samsungbusiness.com/uc/138/Resellers.aspx

So when choosing an IP phone system don’t forget that it could have an impact on your LAN or WAN.  Hopefully all your active network nodes are a minimum of layer 3 capability.  Might you have to segment your traffic, or increase the capacity of some routes to cater for higher volumes of speech data?  Overlooking this at an early stage in your selection process is a mistake you will regret unless your IT Manager has a good budget!

Rather than wading through pages of different web sites, contact our advisors by FREEPHONE on 0800 652 8052 to discuss your IP phone system requirements.


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