ip softphone

An IP Softphone is an application to run on a PC, laptop or handheld computer that emulates an IP phone.  Obviously the device has to have a module to connect a headset and microphone or have a hands-free capability.   ip_softphone.pdf

ip_softphoneThe design of the IP Softphone will depend on the manufacturer’s specification when it comes to features and facilities, but in general an IP Softphone will work basically to any IP telephony product.

For the professional traveller an IP Softphone is almost essential nowadays.  As it will link via the internet to their home PABX they can retrieve voicemail, make national & international calls, apparently from the head office (rather than their hotel or Wi-Fi hotspot) and they will be able to receive an incoming call.  It may not do away with the mobile unless their IP Softphone is running on a 24/7 palmtop.

Telephone Systems Direct have a selection of IP Softphone packages from manufacturers such as: Yealink, Nortel, Panasonic, NEC, Oak and Samsung.

By contacting us on 0800 652 8052 we will identify the most appropriate IP Softphone for you.


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