Welcome to our series of “10-things-to-consider-when-picking-phone-lines†for phone systems.

So far we’ve covered the topics of types of phone systems lines, their features, rentals and tariffs.  Now it’s time to look at how things are changing now so you can avoid being left behind, or getting burnt by being an early adopter.

In our next article we’ll be telling you about how SIP is set to transform our communications, but today let us concentrate on Broadband/Cable.

phone_systems_009When you sign up for broadband, your existing analogue line has a high-frequency carrier signal injected on to it in the local exchange.  You need to have a router installed on your premises to decode the signals and feed them into your computer(s).  You phones have to be fitted with filters so that your conversations aren’t degraded by the intrusive background whistle.BroadbandCable_25_OFF

Domestic access to the Internet is taken for granted but the upload-speed and download-speed does vary enormously dependant on your location.  Being in a town or a city centre guarantees you the advertised speeds, but out in the suburbs or in the countryside or on business parks you’ll be lucky, unless cable connections are available, to get anywhere near a quarter of the publicised “X Meg†download speed.

BroadbandCable_PlatCable is more expensive than standard phone systems exchange-lines.  This will usually be fibre-optic and will offer so much bandwidth that you’ll be able to have several people browsing and downloading video simultaneously before anyone notices any degradation in what they’re doing.  Also the routers required are more specialised.

So if you’re in the marketing sector or dealing with high volumes of information then you should explore optical fibre feeds if you can’t wait until S-I-P is offered at your address.

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