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Kirk_DECTThe Kirk DECT system is the only cordless-system to attach to your Samsung network. Although the Kirk DECT does work with any of the systems in todays’ market, we would totally recommend them for your business.  Kirk_DECT.pdf

Kirk DECT (integral digitally enhanced cordless telephony) is designed for users who wish to add a mobility option to their phone-system. The Kirk DECT can connect to any telephone PBX via analogue extensions.

Kirk – Who are they?      Kirk Telecom has been around in the Comms Industry for many years and you can be assured that not only does the Kirk DECT equipment offer great functions but they are renowned for their quality.

Why should I use Kirk DECT?    Kirk DECT is ideal for companies, where a single DECT phone does not give full coverage. The Kirk DECT handsets provide the solution when trying to contact staff who are not desk based, resulting in better service. The Kirk DECT provides a wireless circuit for businesses and can supply eight employees with a cord-less handset. Multiple base stations and repeaters (up to 6) can be added which would then allow you to handle six simultaneous conversations.

For Kirk DECT supplies and maintenance information: please call TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 or look at our online store and arrange for a Kirk qualified Engineer to visit!

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