kxt7633The KXT7633 is a classy handset from Panasonic.

The KXT7633 sister phones are the KXT7620, KXT7630 and KXT7636. The KXT7633 can be used on any of the KX-TDA series.

Need a quick user guide for the KXT7633 then we’ve attached one here…..kxt7633.pdf

Perhaps you would like to purchase another KXT7633.  At Telephone Systems Direct we can supply your additional KXT7633 at prices lower than Panasonic’s authorised dealers.  Why is that?  Well, when they want your business most dealerships discount heavily on the initial sale knowing that there will be additions within 12 months and they’ll charge you full whack to recoup some of the discounted trade.  Because TelephoneSystemsDirect deals in all telecoms solutions (we specialise in Samsung OfficeServ7000, DCS & iDCS) we can afford to cut our margins to give you savings.  Our overheads are well managed and our sales are internet based thus cutting our selling costs to the minimum.  Good for you !

So pick up your phone and dial 0800 652 8052 where our advisors will help you with your KXT7633 enquiry.

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