lan video conference

lan_video_conferenceA LAN video conference is common today.  With the advent of Voice-over IP communications the next step was to link video viewing.  Obviously this produces a greater level of traffic on the LAN so IT managers were very wary and concerned that VoIP and LAN video conference would create traffic-jams and impinge on the company’s critical business systems such as finance, logistics and marketing.

The LAN video conference products from Polycom and LifeSize have developed compression techniques which together with LAN speed improvements and quality-of-service routers and switches mean that the worries have not come to plague our “nerdsâ€.

TelePresence is the latest word in LAN video conference parlance.  These software applications sit on individuals’ computers allowing them to converse with their peers at the click of their mouse.  lan_video_conference.pdf

lan_video_conference_aFull blown LAN video conference utilises connections to the outside world through Broadband and SIP trunks.  With multiple cameras, microphones and screens today’s HD LAN video conference is far advanced from what the author first saw in Fujitsu’s conference suite back in the “Ninetiesâ€.

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