landline phone system

landline_phone_systemConnecting a landline phone system used to be quite complex as BT had to be present at the same time as your installer and perform a Pre-Connection-Inspection (PCI) with a copy of the landline phone system Private Exchange Master List (PXML) available so they could check only approved items were installed.

Today your landline phone system still has to demonstrate its safe but connection is much simpler.

Our range of landline phone system solutions spans from very small (2 extensions) to a national network of VoIP connected landline phone system nodes.

TelephoneSystemsDirect currently recommends the award winning OfficeServ7000 series (GOOD VALUE according to What to Buy for Business magazine) as the landline phone system of choice.  Full of features, excellent facilities and all the functionality any business could require.  landline_phone_system.pdf

Telephone Systems Direct will also ensure that your landline phone system comes with trunk lines suitable to your needs, with low line rental and tariffs matching your calling profile.

0800 652 8052 for more details about a landline phone system solution.

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