latest samsung phone

latest samsung phone

The latest Samsung phone for the OfficeServ7000 is the SMT-i5230.  This latest Samsung phone is really clever because, even thought it only has seven programmable keys, they are actually self labelling.  Scroll up or down and not only does the latest Samsung phone show you the extension number (or name) but the tri coloured indicator inset into the buttons maps directly to that extension’s current state (idle, busy, on hold, DND).

While the 5230 is the latest Samsung phone, it is only by a few weeks as the previous latest Samsung phone was the SMT-i3105 announced with the SMT-i5210.  These IP phones are five and fourteen button models respectively.   latest_Samsung_phone.pdf

All the latest Samsung phone ranges are available from TelephoneSystemsDirect at an attractive 25% discount allowing your money to purchase more.  Why stint on your staff when by providing more functionality they’ll be more efficient for you.  The payback on your capital outlay will soon be recouped.

So contact us on 0800 652 8052 to learn more about the latest Samsung phone capabilities and the other services this Samsung Platinum partner can offer, such as lower call charges and line rentals, maintenance support and training.

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