london cabling

london_cablingWish I had a £1 for every foot of London cabling that has been installed!  This author could retire if he had!

In London structured cabling is big business.  There’s CAT6 London cabling which has really surpassed CAT5e London cabling in popularity due to its higher performance in office blocks linking different floors of businesses together.  Today time means money – specifically to those organisations that depend on split second decisions on whether to buy or sell Global commodities.  Sometimes even a seconds’ delay in updating your webpage can cost thousands of pounds.  That is why London cabling is so demanding.  london_cabling.pdf

london_cabling_-_CAT5eTelephone Systems Direct excels at providing cabling in conjunction with its installation of BEST BUY phone systems on London.  Offering 25% discounts on the family of OfficeServ7000 series from the entry-level Samsung OfficeServ7030 through to the Enterprise class OfficeServ7400 – we deliver quality at basement level prices.  Our reputation and services have earned us the accreditation as SME Reseller of the Year recently, which allied to our Platinum Business Partner status gives you confidence that we back up our promises with delivering what you need.  Just dial 0800 652 8052 and ask us for a reference site in London where we’ve supplied cabling.

That’s 0800 652 8052 for London cabling.

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