long range cordless phones

long_range_cordless_phonesSearching for long range cordless phones has brought you to this article.  It’s probably because you’re disappointed with the previous results of long range cordless phones searches.   long_range_cordless_phones.pdf

It’s true to say that today we are extremely safety conscious and there are standards in existence that all wireless products must conform to.  To extend the coverage of your average cordless phones to turn them into long range cordless phones than you require repeaters that increase the area of the signal into the desired areas of your premises.  In some cases you will have a limitation on how many hops you can have.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we think that for long range cordless phones the ends of the UK are sufficient for most people.  By utilising your OfficeServ7000 series VoIP enabled voice server with MOBEX technology we convert your mobiles into your long range cordless phones.  These long range cordless phones are effectively your desk extension when you go away from it. 

For more information on long range cordless phones dial 0800 652 8052 now.

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