Micro Business Telephone Systems

Micro Business Telephone Systems are generally considered to be for companies which employs up to 20 employees. Getting the right phone-system is vital and we at Telephone Systems Direct are here to offer the advice needed to make that informed decision, resulting in money saving in the long term on your Micro Business Telephone Systems.

Micro_Business_Telephone_SystemsThe Samsung 7030 is the smaller Micro Business Telephone Systems of the OfficeServ range which allows 4 analogue lines or as in most cases 2 x ISDNs ( 4 channels). It can accommodate 8 digital extensions plus 2 POTs i.e. door entry or fax. This is basically a chassis on the wall with 2xSLi ports, a line card and two universal modules for 4-DLM circuits or 4-SLI this can link to another switch, doubling up on everything allowing for growth in an extremely easy and flexible way.


Please dial 0800 652 8052 to speak to one of our telecoms advisors about Micro Business Telephone Systems. We are Platinum re-sellers and install, train and maintain phone-systems covering  the UK.

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