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mobex_coThe Samsung Mobex Connect is a new application from SamsungElectronics that turns your mobile phone into your (remote) extension on your telephone system.

The Mobex connection is a clever GSM gateway linked to Samsung’s OfficeServ7000 series VoIP-enabled voice servers.  mobex_co.pdf

Mobex collaboration enables members of staff to be accessible even when they are away from their Office.   The Mobex connects any cellular device:…..Motorola, Nokia, or any other Manufacturer’s model.

The Mobex combines with the telephony network allowing calls to be transferred back to the PBX extensions, the OfficeServ Operator can tell whether an employee is on a call by checking the Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and can be contacted by just dialling one number. The Mobex coupler accepts any carriers’ SIMS (including Orange, O2, T-Mobile or Vodafone) and the Mobex comes in either two or four SIM versions.

To get your Mobex contact the advisors at Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052. We are Platinum accredited and a holder of the SME Reseller of the Year trophy assuring you of excellence in all we do.
We discount them at 25% off the recommended retail price (RRP), the Mobex could be the fantastic piece of communications equipment you’ve waited for all these years.   

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