mobile pbx

mobile_pbxCreating a mobile pbx is rather easy today.  This means that construction companies and event managers can quickly and easily have a mobile pbx deployed anywhere – providing there is some mains power available.   mobile_pbx.pdf

Today’s mobile pbx has trunk circuits linked through the GSM network with what can be referred to as Premi-cells.  These are essentially mobile phone SIM cards plugged into an interface that connects into analogue ports on the mobile pbx.

The OfficeServ7000 series of VoIP enabled voice servers has Wi-Fi and DECT fuctionality so deploying a mobile pbx on a green-field site is no problem for us.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we’ve certainly been challenged by some mobile pbx requests but have always come up trumps as far as the customer is concerned.  We’re a Samsung Platinum Business Partner and SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder, BUT despite these accolades we bring your mobile pbx to you with a 25% discount off the RRP!

For more on our mobile pbx capabilities get in touch with our advisors on 0800 652 8052.

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