multi line phone system

Searching for multi line phone system has brought you to the TelephoneSystemsDirect web site.  Here you will discover our multi line phone system solutions provide the traditional TDM and leading edge SIP & VoIP transmission  technologies.multi_line_phone_system

Each multi line phone system solution is derived by carefully listening to what you want to achieve and where you hope to be in a few years time.  We’ll determine whether you’ll have to go straight to the top multi line phone system of our portfolio – the OfficeServ7400, or if a single or double shelf OfficeServ7200 will suffice.

The OfficeServ multi line phone system family baby is the OfficeServ7030 with the OfficeServ7100 completing the series.  multi_line_phone_system.pdf

You will be spoilt for choice with the handsets from analogue to executive colour LCD models.

Your multi line phone system will cope with any style of trunk line and the 7400 can be supplied with a number of TEPRI-2 modules, each supporting 2 x ISDN30 ports.

All OfficeServ7000’s support SIP-trunks for when that technology has matured.

Call us today for a multi line phone system quotation.  We’re an elite Samsung Platinum reseller, but we do offer 25% discount on our kit.

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