multimedia communication

Today multimedia communication is undergoing a revolution.  BT’s 21CN project is upgrading the UK’s multimedia communication network to deliver high speed broadband to the whole population.

multimedia_communicationWhat we’ll be seeing everywhere soon are adverts to change over from Broadband to SIP.  They are effectively the same, but with more bandwidth, delivering multimedia communication content to you much faster.  multimedia_communication.pdf

Not only will you be able to download films and music in a matter of seconds but that’s the way you’ll receive TV.

In business your calls will be delivered over S-I-P trunks.  By having an OfficeServ7000 system you’ll be ready for this multimedia communication technology when the tariffs tumble to make them more attractive than ISDN.  All audio-visual conferencing is now done through the internet and this is one of the first instances of multimedia communication.

For more information on multimedia communication and the OfficeServ range please ring 0800 652 8052 where an advisor will be pleased to help you.  You might be interested to know that we discount the 7000 series and the terminals by 25% when you decide to prepare for the multimedia communication changeover.

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