nec 80573 phone

The nec 80573 phone is the 22 button keyphone that compliments the DS1000 and DS2000 phone systems from NEC.  nec_80573_phone

You’ll probably find it difficult to locate a new nec 80573 phone in this country.  You might get an nec 80573 phone in refurbished condition.  There are US web sites that claim to have brand-new nec 80573 phone handsets on sale.

If you really are stuck for an nec 80573 phone then give us a ring at TelephoneSystemsDirect where we will try on your behalf to make contact with outlets that could have a secret stash of the nec 80573 phone.

Being one of the most prominent telecoms dealerships in the UK we’ve been satisfying our clients’ needs since 1992.  As a family owned and managed company we have the freedom that others don’t in being able to procure obsolete models and helping businesses cope in times of stress.

We supply and maintain telephone installations and have been awarded the SME Reseller of the Year trophy recently.

So a phone call to 0800 652 8052 may just be to your advantage concerning the nec 80573 phone.

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