nec business phone

nec_business_phoneSo you need an NEC business phone do you?  Would that be the XN120 Vision or one from the DT series, or even an Aspire?

Each NEC business phone is your human interface into the world of telephony.  The NEC business phone connects to ports on the SV8100, ASPIRE, XN-120 or older DSX ranges.  Currently there are offerings on the DT310, DT330 or DT330BlueTooth, then there are the IP phones: DT710, DT750 and a USB handset. nec_business_phone.pdf

nec_business_phone_xn120visionWhatever requirement you have for an NEC business phone we’ll be able to supply the appropriate model at prices better than you’ll get from an accredited NEC dealer – why?  We just want the sale – they will have to make a significant margin to claw back the discounts they gave you on the original installation.

So dial 0800 652 8052 where the TelephoneSystemsDirect advisors can help you spend less.

We can arrange to deliver your NEC business phone next working day.

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