nec ds 2000

nec_ds_2000Searching for the NEC DS 2000 has brought you to the TelephoneSystemsDirect website.  Sadly the NEC DS 2000 is obsolete.  There are one or two sites in America still selling bits and pieces for the NEC DS 2000.

nec_ds_2000-_sl1000-digital-handsetThe NEC DS 2000 was replaced by the DSX range which has subsequently been superseded by the XN120, Aspire and the current SV8100, SV8300 and SL1000 (pictured).  nec SV8100.pdf

We conclude that your NEC DS 2000 is somewhat long in the tooth and has served you well for a number of years.  Why not retire it gracefully?  You’ll benefit from the advances in technology that have occurred since the NEC DS 2000 was designed – VoIP, IP handsets, applications, slicker features and facilities, cordless phones such as the DT330Bluetooth.

At Telephone Systems Direct our advisors can chat to you about the latest in telecoms as our services include consultancy, installations, cabling, maintenance, cheaper calls and lines, and advice about if today is the right day for making a decision to change to SIP trunks – replacing Broadband and ISDN.  We also offer 25% discounts on BEST BUY phone systems and additions.  We believe we’re unique in offering this level of discount for life.

0800 652 8052 gets you in touch with honesty in telephony.

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