nec dsx phone system

NEC_DSX_phone_systemYour NEC DSX phone system has been superseded by the Aspire, XN120, 2400-IPX or Sv8100 phone systems.  nec_dsx_phone_system_-_SV-brochure.pdf

The NEC DSX phone system was sold for over a decade and had regular upgrades for it to compete with the competition.  Eventually NEC designed the next generation – hence the demise of the NEC DSX phone system.

NEC_DSX_phone_system_80The NEC DSX 80 phone system was well received, mainly in the USA, and also, to a lesser extent, in the UK and Europe.  The major difference being the network interface:  PRI in European countries and T1 in the States.

You will find both new and refurbished parts for the NEC DSX phone system online but really this product is past its “best before date†and should be gracefully retired.


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