nec dsx80

NEC_DSX80The NEC DSX80 is a hybrid key system that’s been superseded by the Sv8100, Aspire, 2400IPX and XN120 phone systems. SV-brochure.pdf

The NEC DSX80 was around for over ten years and had many software developments to keep it up-to-date with advances in the marketplace.  The only logical conclusion to compete with the competition was for NEC to design the next generation – hence the demise of the NEC DSX80.

The NEC DSX80 sold well in both the UK and USA.  The major difference being the ISDN interface:  T1 in the States and PRI in Europe.

The NEC DSX80 featured a family of telephones that (at the time) set the latest standards in office communications.

All models included; 10 One-Touch Speed Dial Keys; Dual Colour Red/Green LEDs; Built-in Speakerphone
and headset jack port; the enhanced handsets had back-lit LCD display and illuminated keypad.

There are plenty of NEC DSX80 refurbished parts available online but really this product is long in the tooth and should be retired gracefully.


To upgrade you’ll inevitably have to buy new phones plus the central control unit.  Before you make any commitment to extend your NEC DSX80’s life, why not ring an advisor at TelephoneSystemsDirect to be surprised at how cheaply you can convert to current technology?  Ring 0800 652 8052.

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