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nec_phone_equipmentThe latest NEC phone equipment is the Sv8100….it may have changed by the date you read this article – perhaps not.  This 8100 NEC phone system has replaced the DSX40, DSX80 and DSX160 phone systems as has the XN120, 2400IPX and Aspire.  nec_phone_equipment.pdf

nec_phone_equipment_8300All NEC phone equipment compares more or less favourably with its competitors (e.g. Avaya IP Office, Siemens Hi-Path, Toshiba Strata CIX, and Samsung OfficeServ).  They are all voice-over-IP enabled to allow you to accrue the benefits of letting staff work from home via VoIP connectivity.

Where you’ll find a big difference is the dealership or one-man-band that supplies and installs it for you.  DON’T take that chance…search for the best….there are plenty of accredited NEC phone equipment dealers out there.

Unfortunately here at Telephone Systems Direct we don’t deal direct with NEC but we do provide a portfolio of telecoms support services and products – one of the reasons why we have been voted SME Reseller of the Year recently.  We’d be pleased if you contact us on 0800 652 8052 to compare features and facilities of the BEST BUY phone equipment that we do market.  We offer our clients a 25% discounts off their initial purchase AND on all later additions.  We believe we are unique in doing this.

It costs nothing to chat to us other than a few minutes of your valuable time…. it could, potentially, be the biggest cost saving you’ll make and still get a better end result!

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