nec phone systems

nec_dsx_40When you are looking for NEC phone systems we recommend that you find the best installer and maintainer.  NEC phone systems need care and attention, as do all modern phone systems in order to get the most out of them.

At Telephone Systems Direct we think that NEC phone systems are as competent as other phone systems such as Siemens, Samsung, Toshiba and the more expensive Avaya and BT offerings.  Reliability of NEC phone systems is on a par with all the others.  So in making a choice between NEC phone systems you’ll be searching for the mix of features and functionality to serve your purpose, then a price that is acceptable from a reputable dealer.  Good hunting.  nec_phone_systems.pdf

As you are reading this article you should be aware that TelephoneSystemsDirect has a complete package of services including installation, cabling, maintenance, line rentals, call tariffs, consultation as well as providing BEST BUY rated phone systems (What to Buy for Business magazine) plus a comprehensive catalogue of telephony products. 

Why not compare the NEC phone systems specification and cost against our recommendation?  Call free: 0800 652 8052

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