netcom gn9120

netcom_gn9120The bluetooth netcom gn9120 is supplied with a base unit that has indicators for on-line, link-up, mute and battery re-charging.  The netcom gn9120 head set has volume and multi-function buttons as well as indication that you’re in conversation.

With the netcom gn9120 comes a headband, earhook, earplate, earcushion, foot, connection cord and power adapter.  netcom_gn9120.pdf

You can adjust transmission and reception volumes simply by operating the function button.

It could be that when you read this article that this particular netcom gn9120 model has become obsolete and been replaced by a newer version.  However, at Telephone Systems Direct we’ll possibly have a netcom gn9120 in stock, if not we’ll quote you for the current alternative at a price you’ll find difficult to match unless you spend hours searching web pages and talking to people on the phone.

As you might see from our web-based store we have a wide range of phone systems and accessories so your problem can be resolved here and now!

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