Network Management Solution

Network_Management_SolutionOfficeServ Network Management Solution is a comprehensive network management system providing a real-time network monitor and configuration tool for the OfficeServ7000  IP-PBX series’ data modules (GWIM, GLIM, GSIM, etc.) and terminals.  Network Management Solution.pdf

One OS Network Management Solution server can manage multiple network equipment and support optimised information and processes for upper Unified Messaging Systems or telco’s Network Management Solution in large enterprise and telco networks.
The five key management elements of fault, configurations, performance, security and general management are all integrated into one package delivering a cost-effective management solution.

As well as supporting network-programming, monitoring and faults management the Network Management Solution also reduces total cost of ownership by proactive error management. It is capable of managing, upgrading and configuring multi-site and branch offices at the same moment from a single point.

The Samsung Office-Serv Network Management Solution ensures the integrity of a network through IP address registration. The network manager can set users’ profiles according to their authority, status and group while organising the scope of each admin profile, enabling efficient management.

With easy and intuitive fault-management the Network Manager can recognise a problem and its location, level, time and cause. With an informative colour user interface on the Event Viewer (with diverse methods of delivery such as e-mail, audible alarm, flashing warnings….) the OfficeServ’s Network Management Solution minimises downtime and, more importantly, customer inconvenience.

This Network Management Solution provides the network managers with the tools to observe all network nodes making any errors easily recognisable immediately and resolvable thereby reducing down-time and improving efficiency with statistics, search results by service format and card type, hourly, daily or monthly.

Learn more about how Samsung’s Office Serv NMS can benefit your business from a member of their Platinum Partners club:- TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

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