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The ip or network phone choice on this web site should satisfy your needs.  Click on the Browse Online icon to explore.

network_phonePreferably you should speak to an advisor at TelephoneSystemsDirect about your network phone requirement as they will be able to identify the most appropriate solution because they handle with this topic on most work days when talking about today’s means of communications.

Being a Samsung Platinum accredited reseller we’ve been recommending, selling, installing & maintaining their telecoms solutions since 1992, so we do know a little bit about the products, including the latest network phone – the SMT-i3105.    network_phone.pdf

The network phone family also includes the terminals SMT-i3100, SMT-i5210, SMT-i5220, SMT-i5230, SMT-i5243 and SMT-i5264. For wireless network phone working there is the SMT-W5120 and for the traveller, the OfficeServ SoftPhone for connecting into the office network from your hotel room or Wi-Fi hot spot.  

So whatever your requirements are for network phone usage we are here to help you; especially with the price – we offer you a 25% discount off the manufacturer’s RRP but maintain top level services.

0800 652 8052 will get you through to our advisors without delay and you will be answered by a human being as well!

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