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networks_telecomAny networks telecom solution will predictably be good. WHY?  Because your IT & Telecoms manager(s) will have done their homework thoroughly.

For networks telecommunication we used to use leased lines such as DC5, AC15, KiloStream and MegaStream from what was previously GPO Telephones (now BT).

Today networks telecommunications have changed significantly.  With Voice-Over-IP technologies we heavily rely on the internet for our inter-site traffic.  BUT, data is very sensitive that in many cases a private lease line will still be utilised.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we can help reduce your networks telecom costs with our knowledge and networks telecom products.  networks_telecom.pdf

SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder and Samsung Platinum Business Partner honours should give you some assurance of our capabilities.

Dial 0800 652 8052 to discover how we can be of benefit to you.  Perhaps it’s with a 25% discount off the cost of OfficeServ7000 networks telecom systems and CTI applications?

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