new phone system

You might be thinking about a new phone system but you’ve discovered a DCS Compact II hanging on the wall in the premises you’re considering renting.  Fortunately you’ve found this article and you can score heavily by taking on the DCS-Compact-II system with its handsets and either run it or replace the central box with a new phone system such as an OfficeServ7030.   new_phone_system.pdf

Where’s the benefit in that you ask?  Well the keyphones are compatible and probably cost £150 each, so you can save on the desk telephones for a start.

Any new phone system will require terminals.  The older Euro 12 and 24 button phones are still very serviceable and at TelephoneSystemsDirect we can source what look to be brand new (but are refurbished) ones.

If start-up cash is tight, then utilise the old phone system for a year then upgrade to a new phone system when the first year’s costs have been dealt with.  The entry level OfficeServ7000 system retails at £200 for the basic cabinet and trunk cards are in the order of £150, so you can build a new phone system cheaply, especially with our 25% discounts.

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