new samsung phones

If you want new samsung phones then there’s only one supplier to give you the best deal and that’s Telephone Systems Direct.  We can supply new samsung phones for the older DCS and iDCS as well as the OfficeServ100 and OfficeServ500 plus the current OfficeServ7000 series of VoIP enabled voice servers.

All the new samsung phones come to you from TelephoneSystemsDirect with a 25% discount from manufacturer’s RRP.  We think you’ll find it difficult to get new samsung phones at better prices.

new_samsung_phonesHow do we offer this level of discounts on new samsung phones?  Well, we do such a volume of trade with our Korean manufacturer that we receive preferential pricing.  We keep our margins low and the result of that is that we can do more business with you as we save you money – i.e. make your hard-earned capital buy more.

OK so we’ve been talking about any new samsung phones, but then perhaps you’re wanting to know what the latest new samsung phones are.  In this case they are the IP range known as SMT-i3xxx and SMT-i5xxx.  new_samsung_phones.pdf

The features and functionality of the SMT-i’s is spectacular with the SMT-i5230 giving a scrolling BLF/DSS selection while the SMTi-5243 has a large screen colour LCD for video conferencing.

Call us on 0800 652 8052 for more information, or to order your new samsung phones.

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