noise cancelling headsets

How do noise cancelling headsets work?

There are several components required to achieve this effect:

A microphone placed inside the ear cup “listens” to external sounds that cannot be blocked passively.

noise_cancelling_headsetsThe noise cancelling electronics are fitted discretely in the ear-cup. They sense the input from the m/c and generate a “fingerprint” of the noise, noting the frequency and amplitude of the incoming signal. Then they create a new wave that is 180 degrees out of phase with the waves associated with the noise.
The “anti sound” created in the noise cancelling headsets is fed into the headsets’ speakers along with the normal audio; the anti-sound erases the noise by destructive interference, but does not affect the transmission of the caller’s or user’s speech.

The term “active” refers to the fact that energy must be added to the system to produce the noise cancelling function. The source of that power is a rechargeable battery.

Using these constituents, noise cancelling headsets are able to provide a reduction in noise of 20 decibels. That means about 70% of ambient noise is effectively suppressed, making noise cancelling headsets ideal for travel, open office environments or other locations with a high level of background noise.

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