novelty phone

novelty_phoneFor your novelty phone there’s really no better place to shop than TelephoneSystemsDirect.  

We have the full range of novelty models such as Marilyn Monroe at her most flirtatious:

She portrays her most memorable scene from “The Seven Year Itch”. With an incoming call, Marilyn’s dress flies up and in addition sings “I want to be loved by you”.

novelty_phone_-_stilettoThen there are other types of novelty phone including – Alien, , Bart Simpson, Bearifone, Cuckoo Clock, Donald Duck, Dr Dog, Fortune-Mouse, Eeyore, Garfield, Golf Bag, Jet Ski, Lightning McQueen, Magic Eight Ball, Mickey Mouse (in various poses such as Back-Pack) and  Kermit.

Manufacturers MyBelle and Steepletone offer you a Police Phone Box, a Retro BT Rotary dial, Hello Kitty, Stiletto Heels and “The Lipsâ€.  novelty_phone.pdf

Just phone 0800 652 8052 where our staff will deal with your novelty phone  order promptly, personally, and arrange next day delivery (in most cases) – have your credit card details to hand when you ring.

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