office call waiting

office_call_waitingAn office call waiting system is ideal if you have a high incidence of incoming calls.  Rather than queuing up callers it is better to answer the call with an office call waiting application, provide reassurance that they’ve reached their intended destination, and then with the features and functionality of the office call waiting process keep them informed about your products or services, and then deliver them to the place where their call can be dealt with effectively.

At Telephone Systems Direct we think the best office call waiting platform is the OfficeServ7030 or the OfficeServ7400 or one of their sister VoIP enabled voice servers the OfficeServ7100 or OfficeServ7200. (Please see the GOOD VALUE awards made by “What to Buy for Business” magazine.)  office_call_waiting.pdf

An office call waiting scheme can be employed for entry-level platforms like the OS7030 even though it only has a maximum of 4 lines in its basic configuration.  At the Enterprise-class end the OS7400 can be equipped with dual primary rate interface modules to handle over 100 trunks.

For more information on our office call waiting solutions as well as TelephoneSystemsDirect’s Samsung Platinum partner support and 25% kit discounts please feel free to ring 0800 652 8052.

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