Office Serv 100

office_serv_100The Office Serv 100 is the best of optimised enterprise IP solutions for medium sized organisations. The Office Serv 100 has a wide range of features and functionality making the Samsung OfficeServ an effective, affordable solution for any Organisation.

The Office Serv 100 is of a modular design allowing the system to grow alongside your Company. Developed by the Korean Manufacturer, Samsung-Electronics, the Office Serv 100 has been awarded the “What to buy for Business 2005 BEST BUY “. (WTB4B is the independent review publication on telephony products).

Office Serv 100 parts and support: All Office Serv 100 kit is stocked in our Warehouse. As Platinum Partners we are committed to keeping stock of each and every piece of Office Serv equipment (as well as the other makes and models). All Office Serv 100 items have been discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price rebuilding on the fact that the Office Serv 100 is a sound investment for your company. Our Office Serv 100 maintenance contracts are good value for money and give you peace of mind that should a fault occur, your Office Serv 100 is covered in the event of a breakdown. Our Office Serv 100 Service Engineers travel the length and breadth of the Country ensuring that all systems are serviced and supported.  office_serv_100.pdf

For more information, please contact us on TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 and speak to one of our specialised Sales Advisors.

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