office video conferencing system

office_video_conferencing_systemIn today’s companies the HD office video conferencing system is a must for business teams around the World.  Marketing agencies want to communicate with customers regularly for progress meeting on advertising programs; sales directors need to update their salesmen on the hot topic of the week and advise targets……

The most applicable office video conferencing system solution you will find will be from the video conferencing industry leaders Polycom and LifeSize. These manufacturers of office video conferencing system products offer everything from multi-screen viewing for auditorium video conference systems to “TelePresence†for individuals – pc based.  office_video_conferencing_system.pdf

office_video_conferencing_system_aThese office video conferencing system application packages are constantly replaced with new, improved versions and models.  AV conferences used to be conducted over ISDN phone line channels but now they use the flexible bandwidths Broadband or SIP trunks.

At Telephone Systems Direct we’ve been dealing in office video conferencing system solutions from the launch of this technology so we can be of service to you with our knowledge and competitive prices.

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