officeserv 7100

officeserv 7100The officeserv 7100 is the third released model in the OfficeServ 7000 range.

Having 2 full expansion slots and the ability to mount an option module on the main processor the officeserv 7100 can be configured for a maximum 62 trunk and extension ports.
This would be achieved with 30 ISDN lines, and 32 SIP stations.
Practically using a UNI-module the officeserv 7100 would be set up with a 2BRM unit, an 4SLM (analogue), two 4DLM (digital) and a 16DLI.  This would give 4 trunklines and 28 extensions. Add to this integrated voice mail, VoIP comms and you can see what a powerful product this is.   officeserv_7100.pdf

Telephone Systems Direct is a Samsung Platinum partner, supplying, installing, commissioning and supporting thousands of OfficeServ platforms across the UK.

We major on the OfficeServ products with the officeserv 7100 being one of the most popular choices for our clients.

So call 0800 652 8052 today to chat to our specialists on your requirements.  We will provide a solution that will exceed your expectations.

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