officeserv call download

officeserv call download

OfficeServ Call download – is it possible?  Not really.  Because OfficeServ Call requires licensing TelephoneSystemsDirect prefer not to offer the facility for OfficeServ Call download.  In some countries it may have been a possibility for OfficeServ Call download, but not in the UK.

Instead of an OfficeServ Call download we’ll post the OfficeServ Call disk to you with the licence for the number of PC’s you wish to install it on.

OfficeServ Call is a software application specifically designed to work with the Samsung OfficeServ series of voice servers to improve staff efficiency. officeserv call download.pdf

OfficeServ Call provides employees of an Organisation with access to all the functions of their digital telephone directly from their PC. OfficeServ Call integrates with Microsoft Outlook and other contact applications and is ideal for customer services, sales and call-centres.

The advantages: End users can easily review missed calls using OfficeServ Call, which in turn identifies urgent or important customers.

To learn more about OfficeServ Call download and its facilities, get in touch with us on 0800 652 8052 where our advisors can assist you. 

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