officeserv call

officeserv call

OfficeServ Call is a software application specifically designed to work with the Samsung OfficeServ series of voice servers to improve staff efficiency.  officeserv call.pdf

OfficeServ Call provides employees of an Organisation with access to all the functions of their digital telephone directly from their PC.

The OfficeServ Call integrates with Microsoft Outlook and other contact applications. An Employee simply opens their email and OfficeServ Call enables calling direct from the contacts folder.
When someone rings into the office, OfficeServ Call presents the details of the incoming caller automatically by screen-popping to let the user know who the call is from in advance. OfficeServ Call also updates CLI by identifying and updating their history on-screen.

OfficeServ Call is ideal for customer services, sales and call-centres.
The advantages: End users can easily review missed calls using OfficeServ Call, which in turn identifies urgent or important customers.

To learn more about the OfficeServ Call, get in touch with us on 0800 652 8052 where our advisors can assist you.  They’ll tell you about OfficeServ Call Recording as well if you wish.

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