officeserv ds 5007s manual

officeserv_ds_5007s_manual Welcome to Telephone Systems Direct – The only place to purchase any of your PABX parts and accessories. 

As well as selling all makes and models of equipment, we are specialists in Samsung kit especially the OfficeServ.  The OfficeServ DS 5007s has seven programmable fast dial keys with tri coloured LED status indicators.  However, it isn’t just OfficeServ stock that we can source, we can also provide all OfficeServ literature including the OfficeServ DS 5007S manual.  The OfficeServ DS 5007S manual provides the OfficeServ DS 5007s user with lots of information on how to program the OfficeServ DS 5007S keyphone illustrating all of its key features.

The OfficeServ DS 5007S manual is available to download from our website.



The OfficeServ DS 5007S manual is in pdf format, simply click and it can be downloaded with ease.  Alternatively, you may obtain the OfficeServ DS 5007S manual via email instead.  If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact us on 0800 652 8052 and one of our experienced sales advisors can send the OfficeServ DS 5007s manual over to you. 

As well as the OfficeServ DS 5007S manual, we can also provide the actual OfficeServ DS 5007S keyphone at £75 excluding VAT

That’s 25% discounted off the recommended retail price – shop online here

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