officeserv ds 5014s manual

officeserv_ds_5014s_manualWe have the OfficeServ DS 5014s manual available in the documents section of our web-site.  You will find there a down-to-earth user guide created by our trainers on the 5000 range terminals. This alternative to the OfficeServ DS 5014s manual was produced from the experience gained in front of all our clients while training them.  It is written in words which our younger generation understand.

You can also obtain the official version of the OfficeServ DS 5014s manual by following this link:  officeserv_ds_5014s_manual.pdf

Can we ask why you need an OfficeServ DS 5014s manual?  Have you someone new in your office?  Forgotten how to programme one of the buttons?  Please feel free to ring our teaching staff who will lead you through the process over the phone, or better still – arrange a short refresher session – let everyone in your business benefit from a morning or afternoon chatting about features that would make them more efficient.

Telephone Systems Direct not only is a source for the OfficeServ DS 5014s manual but for many other telephony products from novelty phones to voice-over-internet applications, award winning voicemail, headsets, audio & video conferencing. Ring us on 0800 652 8052.

Putting the above together with Samsung Platinum status and you can see we can provide the service & support you might desire.


officeserv ds 5014s manual

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