OfficeServ ITP – What is it?

OfficeServ_ITP_-_What_is_itOfficeServ ITP is the family of handsets that work with the older Samsung OfficeServ100 or OfficeServ500 telephone systems.

OfficeServ is the name given to the spectrum of VoIP PABXs – These include the OfficeServ7100, the OfficeServ7200, the OfficeServ7400 and the entry-level OfficeServ 7030.

What OfficeServ ITP hand-sets are available? The range was: ITP-5107S, ITP-5114D, ITP-5121D and ITP-5112L. However very few can be bought today. 

You’ll be reading this article because you’ve failed to locate any OfficeServ ITP models online – By calling TelephoneSystemsDirect we can tell you all the options open to you if you’re trying to expand!  OfficeServ_ITP

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