officeserv manual

officeserv manual

To locate your OfficeServ manual you do need to be a little bit more specific.  One of the most popular OfficeServ manuals is available to you below.  Hopefully it is the correct OfficeServ manual that you’re searching for.

OfficeServ manual:  OfficeServ_manual.pdf

The OfficeServ manual for your office manager will of course be the Administration OfficeServ manual.  For engineers they’ll require the Installation and programming OfficeServ manual.

For your staff then they’ll want an OfficeServ manual for the type of extension terminal they have.

We would recommend that you phone a member of the TelephoneSystemsDirect team on 0800 652 8052 where they’ll be able for identify the OfficeServ manual for you and email it.

We have other documents for the DCS and iDCS ranges.  So rather than search for the appropriate article here that contains the pdf, give us a call.  We are one of Samsung’s Platinum resellers so you can be confident that the quality of the OfficeServ manual will be top class.

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