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OfficeServ_VoicemailThe OfficeServ voicemail is provided by Samsung, the Korean Manufacturer. OfficeServ Voicemail (SVM) consists of the SVM400, SVMi2, SVMi4 and the SVMi8. Each of these options of OfficeServ Voicemail provide two to eight ports of voicemail for the whole range of OfficeServ PABXs. OfficeServ VoiceMail.pdf

The OfficeServ family is made up of the OfficeServ7100, the OfficeServ7200, the OfficeServ7400 and the OfficeServ7030. OfficeServ voicemail offers advanced call facilities to Organisations ensuring that your Employees maximise the voicemail to its full potential.

OfficeServ voicemail allows you to send messages to other voicemail boxes, record conversations and to set personal reminders. OfficeServ voicemail is easy to use as users just follow navigational prompts (either voice or on screen) As well as this the OfficeServ voicemail also delivers Auto Attendant. This AA can answer multiple calls simultaneously ensuring that no calls go unanswered or missed. External callers are prompted by a voice to ‘press 1 for **, dial 2 for ***’. Their call is then put through to its destination.

To learn more about the OfficeServ Voicemail functionalities and its price per licence, then please contact our experienced Sales team on 0800 652 8052. We are available to take you enquiry from Monday to Friday, 9am to .30pm.

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