officeserve 7400

The officeserve 7400 is GOOD VALUE as far as “What to Buy for Business†is concerned.  The officeserve 7400 has eleven slots that accept a variety of modules.officeserve 7400

The officeserve 7400 module types are: TEPRIa – 30 channel ISDN30; TEPRI 2 – 60 channels of ISDN; 4BRI – 8ch of ISDN2; MGI-64 and MGI-16 –media gateway for VoIP; OAS – 16MGI + MPS + DTMF; 8TRK2 – for 8 analogue trunks; 8DLI and 16DLI – digital extensions; 16MWSLI – message waiting POTs;  COMBO2 – 8 DLI & 8SLI; SVMi20e – 20port voice mail.

The officeserve 7400 MP40 processor has optional daughter cards: MISC – for MOH, Paging and Common Bell; RCM2 – for CLI presentation to an SLI port; Common-Resource – for Dual-Tone-Multi-Frequency sending & Caller ID.   officeserve_7400.pdf

For those requiring DATA facilities the officeserve 7400 items are: GWIM & GWIM-T – WAN interfaces; GWIMS – security daughterboard; GSIM-T – Layer-3-switch; GPLIM-T – Layer-2-switch with POE; LIM – 16port switch; PLIM as lim but with PoE.

As you can see this is a very powerful PABX that can solve a whole office’s communications needs.

0800 652 8052 connects you to TelephoneSystemsDirect who can provide more information on the officeserve 7400.

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