officeserveOfficeserve is GOOD VALUE in the eyes of “What to Buy for Businessâ€.  Actually the award went to the OfficeServe 7030 and OfficeServe 7400, but when you purchase OfficeServe 7100 or OfficeServe 7200 from TelephoneSystemsDirect you’ll think the same due to our excellent discounting policy from recommended retail pricing.  officeserve.pdf

Really you should have typed OfficeServ (without the final “eâ€) but we’ll forgive you because people spell it with the e and a space in the middle sometimes and then probably every other variation thereof.

The OfficeServe started its life as the OfficeServe 500 followed very shortly by the OfficeServe 100 replacing the iDCS range that had brought in VoIP technology.

So why come to us for OfficeServe?  We are a Platinum rated Samsung dealership that has been a former holder of the SME Reseller of the Year trophy;  we have long-served technicians that travel across the length and breadth of the UK keeping customers happy with our support services; we have the best discounted packages on OfficeServe 7000 series but most of all – we’re just good all round on cabling, installing, programming, commissioning, training and maintenance.

Need any more convincing?  Look at our video testimonials.  Ring us on 0800 652 8052.

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