on hold music

on_hold_musicYou’ll either love or hate on hold music.  The choice of on hold music varies from classical to easy listening.  Whatever the selection is you’ll be required to hold a Performing Rights Licence (PRS) otherwise don’t be surprised when you receive a letter from them!

Irrespective of the model of your telephone system it’ll be equipped with an on hold music input that enables callers who’ve been placed on hold to listen to soothing tones, rather than silence (which is very disconcerting).  The source of on hold music can be very sophisticated or as simple as a CD or MP3 player.  on_hold_music.pdf

At Telephone Systems Direct we can supply on hold music accessories including licence paid music with reassurance messages.  Just by ringing 0800 652 8052 our advisors will be able to identify the most popular or cheapest on hold music product for you.

An alternative to on hold music is professionally recorded information concerning your business and its services or products.  Again to learn more about this form of on hold music contact us on 0800 652 8052.

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