on line systems

There is a dealership named On Line Systems up North that are Samsung resellers.  They are very good and get on with TelephoneSystemsDirect very well.

If you’re looking for on line systems then we’d prefer it if you called us rather than them (or anyone else for that matter) because we’re also Platinum partners.  What’s more, our customers voted for us and we won the prestigious “SME Reseller of the Year†trophy in that year’s Channel Awards.  The clincher in getting you to contact us for your new OfficeServ7000 on line systems is that we have a 25% discounting policy.  on_line_systems.pdf 

Utilising the internet is now more common and that’s just what on line systems do for you.  They connect you utilising voice over ip technology to your branches, other sites, or even to an IP-phone in your study at home.  You can be working there, but appear (for all intents and purposes) to your caller to be in the office when they dial your DDI number.  We’re installing more business extensions in houses today; it’s almost one on every OfficeServ 7000 we install.  Providing you’ve broadband at both locations and a router, it’s easy.

So for on line systems solutions phone us on 0800 652 8052.

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