on samsung ds 5014s

on samsung ds 5014son samsung ds 5014s

Looking for information on Samsung ds 5014s?  Search no further.  Call 0800 652 8052 where our staff will help.

User documentation on Samsung ds 5014s is to be found in the document section of the TSD website or from the manufacturer on: http://www.samsungbusiness.com/uc/150/User+Guides.aspx

Our experience on Samsung ds 5014s leads us to know that it is the most popular terminal of the 5000 series being the best value-for-money model.  You could argue that the 5007s is cheaper, but only having 7 programmable keys restricts to functions, rather than allowing them to see the status of, and to be able to contact by one-touch, other office users.

The pricing on Samsung ds 5014s will always be competitive from Telephone Systems Direct even if you only want one.

Providing support on Samsung ds 5014s our technicians and operations personnel excel.  We’ll get a replacement to you without delay, either by visiting you  or sending by a postal service.  Speak to a member of the maintenance team for advice on our cover packages.

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